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Small Animal Internal Medicine

Small dog being examined by two members of the Small Animal Medicine team and two students

“The UCDVH Small Animal Internal Medicine (SAIM) service is a specialist led service with European (EBVS®) and American specialists in Small Animal Internal Medicine as well as 5 specialists in training (residents). Our dedicated internal medicine nursing team provide support to the clinicians and cater for the best level of care of our inpatients.

“Medics”, or internal medicine specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline medical illnesses affecting their vital organs. Our expertise ranges from the respiratory system, digestive system, liver and pancreas, endocrine system, urinary system, neurological and immune system as well as infectious diseases among other. We have access to the most up to date, state of the art, equipment and technologies to proceed with investigations and treatments, including advanced minimally invasive procedures.

The UCDVH SAIM team is at the cross-road between the multiple veterinary specialities available in our hospital and works in very close collaboration with our Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging and Surgery Department with the support of our Specialised Anaesthesia team and Clinical Laboratories. Our aim is to provide the best standard of care for our patients, an exemplary experience for their owners, and a dependable service for our referring veterinarians.

Review below the comprehensive list of disease we commonly treat as well as the procedure we can perform including interventional procedures.”

  • Each patient referred to us is examined and treated under the direct supervision of a recognised specialist or expert in Internal Medicine and its related specialties
  • Patient investigation is carried out after consultation with the client, including detailed discussion on the procedures deemed necessary and the associated costs or complications
  • We work alongside other specialties ensuring that every patient receives the optimal holistic care it deserves
  • We offer a telephone and e-mail advice service for veterinary surgeons, irrespective of referral or not
  • Each patient is discharged with written instructions, helping the owner to understand the investigations carried out and the treatments recommended
  • Referring veterinarians are contacted with relevant information within 24 hours of the animal being discharged
  • We work with referring veterinarians to determine whether on-going treatment is best suited to their practice or continuing under our care
  • Dedicated and specialized nursing team and veterinary staff take care of our patient’s providing the best level of care while in hospital 24hrs a day, 365days a year.

  • Fully equipped Intensive Care Unit for high-dependency patients with patient side laboratory monitoring technology, oxygen therapy and an onsite Blood bank for transfusion.
  • Blood Donor Clinic providing an onsite blood bank of transfusion products like packed red blood cells, whole blood or plasma as required.
  • Advanced coagulation testing including viscoelastic testing for hyper- and hypocoagulable states (Thromboelastometry – ROTEM®)
  • A full range of flexible and rigid endoscope for diagnostic gastrointestinal endoscopy, bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy and cystoscopy. A full range of endoscopic equipment for minimally invasive treatment of foreign bodies, polyps, anatomic malformation or stenosis.
  • Full diagnostic imaging capabilities including advanced imaging such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for complex cases.
  • Fluoroscopy available for minimally invasive treatment of airway and urinary diseases (tracheal stent, ectopic ureters…).
  • Endocrine specialists with a comprehensive Diagnostic Endocrine Laboratory for the investigation of common endocrinopathies including diabetes mellitus, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, and both hypo- and hyperthyroidism.
  • Visiting specialists in Cardiology and Dermatology running a specialist clinic monthly and offering advance testing.

  • External specialty endocrine laboratory service for Veterinarians. Available analyses include Cortisol (ACTH Stimulation test, Low dose dexamethasone suppression test), Total T4 and TSH (Canine hypothyroidism, Feline hyperthyroidism), progesterone as well as Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Folate (Vitamin B9), with report and interpretation from an endocrinology specialist.
  • Radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroid cats.
  • Advanced endoscopic service including Interventional Endoscopy/Interventional Radiology (tracheal stenting, ureteral stenting, polypectomy, laser ablation of ectopic ureters, treatment of urinary, respiratory or gastro-intestinal stenosis).
  • Genetic test for Muscular Dystrophy in the Japanese Spitz (please click here for further information on this service)

Cardiac specialist service is available at the UCD Veterinary Hospital. We offer diagnostics and treatment of cardiac diseases including congenital cardiac diseases.

The service is led by the Internal Medicine service including monthly consultations with Dr Rachel Blake (European Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology).

We offer a wide range of testing and expertise with echocardiograms (in collaboration with our Diagnostic Imaging department), electrocardiogram interpretation and holter monitoring services.

Our Visiting Dermatology Consultant, Dr Ellie Wyatt, sees patients in the UCD Veterinary Hospital two days each month.

Ellie enjoys seeing a variety of dermatological cases in both cats and dogs and helping both pets and their owners in managing these difficult and life impacting cases. She has a particular interest in the management of canine atopic dermatitis and feline atopic skin syndrome.

Dermatology includes investigations and treatment of skin diseases such as infectious (flea, parasites, fungus) or immune-mediated diseases (atopic dermatitis, lupus erythematosus) as well as ear diseases such as chronic otitis and their complications in both dogs and cats.

The UCD Veterinary Hospital offers a unique service for animals with endocrine disorders. Overseen by an RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine (Endocrinology), referring vets can ask for advice, submit samples for diagnostic tests or refer their cases for full investigation for diagnosis or optimising treatment.
UCDVH facilitates owners to use continuous glucose monitoring for their diabetic pest and is the only place in Ireland to offer radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroid cats.

A Radioactive Iodine Therapy Service for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats has been offered at the UCD Veterinary Hospital since January 2012.  This therapy has a success rate of >90% and eliminates the need for daily tablet administration or surgical removal of the thyroid glands.

The estimated cost of treatment is €2,500.

Further information for owners and veterinary practitioners can be found at the links below: 

Iodine Therapy - Information for Owners

Iodine Therapy - Information for Veterinary Practitioners

To investigate further respiratory, intestinal or urinary diseases, flexible endoscopy is often required alongside blood/urine tests and imaging. We have a wide range of flexible endoscopes that allow these examinations to be performed in most patients (cats and dogs).

  • Biopsies can be acquired from the urinary or intestinal tract in a minimally invasive way. In comparison to surgical biopsies, flexible endoscopy allows us to visualize the urinary or gastrointestinal tract from within, allows us to get multiple samples from different areas, and is associated with a shorter anaesthetic time. When possible, obtaining samples via endoscopy allows us to discharge our patients sooner from the hospital in comparison to patients that had surgical sampling.
  • Bronchoalveolar lavages are performed with endoscopic guidance to allow for definitive diagnosis of respiratory diseases including bacterial cultures and PCR to investigate for potential infectious agents.

Flexile endoscopy also allows us to remove foreign bodies, such as bones, from the oesophagus or stomach. We frequently use flexible endoscopes to help with the placement of feeding tubes, which is an important component when treating dogs and cats with GI disease.

Rigid endoscopy is also available at the UCD Veterinary Hospital with a wide range of scopes allowing for exploration of the nasal cavities and the urinary tract (in females). This allows for minimally invasive biopsies to be performed in the investigations of infectious, inflammatory or neoplastic diseases. These minimally invasive procedures allow for a shorter hospitalisation and earlier discharge compared to surgical procedures.

  • Diagnostic and treatment of canine aspergillosis is often required following confirmation of the infection by endoscopy and endoscopic biopsies of the nasal cavity.
  • Biopsies of the urinary tract can be obtained by endoscopy and in some instance (when small enough) stones can be removed by endoscopy to avoid the need for an open surgery.

Within our internal medicine department, the Haematology and Immunology section is dedicated to the comprehensive evaluation and management of disorders related to blood and blood-forming tissues, as well as autoimmune conditions in animals.

Our experienced team of veterinary specialists utilizes advanced diagnostic techniques to assess a range of conditions, including anaemia, clotting disorders, and other immune mediated and hematologic conditions such as immune-mediated polyarthritis, lupus erythematosus or immune mediated thrombocytopenia. We propose access to advanced clotting testing such as ROTEM as well as a blood bank to support these patients in the initial steps of their diagnosis and treatment.

Through cutting-edge technology and a compassionate approach, we provide precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life of our patients.

Minimally-invasive procedures have revolutionized medical treatments and become one of the most rapidly developing field in both human and veterinary medicine. The UCD Veterinary Hospital offers innovative treatments with better outcomes for our patients, while training the next generation of veterinary leaders. Shortening hospitalisation length and minimalizing pain associated with procedures.

The Medicine Services at the UCDVH offers a range of procedures guided by image acquisition (fluoroscopy or endoscopy or both) to allow for minimally invasive treatment of life threatening conditions such as tracheal collapses, congenital malformations such as ectopic ureters or acquired conditions such as bladder stones, polyps, masses or strictures (narrowing).

Our highly trained specialists can perform many interventional procedures at the UCD Veterinary Hospital. Our team offers expertise in these advanced techniques and increased access to cutting edge treatment for our referring veterinarians and their patients.

Services include:

  • Tracheal/Bronchial stenting
  • Cystoscopic guided stent placement (ureters/urethra) 
  • Endoscopic guided polyp resection (stomach, duodenum, colon and urinary tract)
  • Laser ablation of ectopic ureters for treatment of incontinence 
  • Balloon dilation of strictures and stenosis in the oesophagus, urinary or respiratory tract

A Radioactive Iodine Therapy Service for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats has been offered at the UCD Veterinary Hospital since January 2012.  This therapy has a success rate of >90% and eliminates the need for daily tablet administration or surgical removal of the thyroid glands.

The estimated cost of treatment is €2,000 - €2,200.

Further information for owners and veterinary practitioners can be found at the links below:

Specializing in the intricate care of the respiratory system, the Respiratory Medicine section in our internal medicine department is dedicated to diagnosing and managing a range of conditions affecting the nose, trachea, bronchi, and pulmonary parenchyma in animals.

From challenging respiratory infections to complex disorders, our committed team ensures precise diagnoses and develops effective treatment plans. Utilizing advanced imaging and diagnostic tools, including respiratory endoscopy, our focus is on elevating the respiratory health of our patients. We aim to provide comprehensive care, promoting optimal respiratory function and contributing to the overall well-being of our patients.

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