Franziska Zaugg

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Dr Franziska Zaugg is a Gerda-Henkel-Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at UCD’s Centre for War Studies. She studied at the University of Bern and Fribourg (Switzerland) and is primarily interested in the history of World War II in Southeastern Europe and the commemoration of that conflict during and after the era of Tito and Enver Hoxha. In her PhD, Dr Zaugg analysed German and Italian occupation regimes in Albania as well as in the Kosovo and the Sandžak region. Her study explains the highly complex system of Nazi recruitment of Albanian Muslims into the Waffen-SS and the reaction of the local population.

In her current postdoctoral project at UCD’s Centre for War Studies, Dr Zaugg expands her PhD work by concentrating on the cultural history of three different Waffen-SS divisions in Bosnia, Sandžak, Kosovo and Albania: the Handžar-, Kama- and Skanderbeg-Divisions.



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