Gajendra Singh

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Dr Gajendra Singh is currently Lecturer in Modern South Asian History at the University of Exeter. He was an AHRC Early Career Fellow at the University of Oxford and, from 2011-2013, an ERC Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin working on the project ‘The Limits of Demobilization’. His current research is an investigation of the Ghadar Movement; one of the earliest anti-imperial revolutionary movements in Asia. Ghadar arose among South Asian migrants in North America in 1913. By working with the testimonies of migrant revolutionaries, Dr Singh will produce an intimate history of their trans-Pacific passage and of how that journey could be the site of their transformation from Empire loyalists to armed revolutionaries.

Dr Singh's previous research project was an analysis of soldiers’ testimonies and their relation to social and cultural change in the Indian Army during the two world wars. A monograph based on this research was published as: The Testimonies of Indian Soldiers and Two World Wars: Between Self and Sepoy (London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2014).


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