Stuart Aveyard

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Dr Stuart Aveyard is an Irish Research Council post-doctoral fellow. He studied history at the University of York and Queen’s University Belfast before holding posts at QUB as a research fellow and lecturer in modern British history.

Dr Aveyard recently completed his first monograph, based on his doctoral research and entitled No Solution: the Labour government and the Northern Ireland conflict 1974-79. It analyses constitutional, security and economic policies and debates between civil servants, senior military officers, policemen and politicians in Great Britain and both parts of Ireland. The book also explains why acceptable political institutions could not be firmly established in the first decade of the conflict and why current political structures have endured. No Solution will be published by Manchester University Press in 2016.

At UCD he is working on The use of other conflicts in Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’: memory, analogy and appropriation. This project considers analogies and lessons drawn from other conflicts both in terms of policy-making at the governmental level and by other actors such as local politicians and paramilitaries.

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