Book Chapters:

Towards the Anglosphere

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Europe and the International Dimension

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Identity Construction through the ENP: Borders and Boundaries, Insiders and Outsiders

  • Ben Tonra (2009) 
  • in: Much ado about nothing? The European Neighbourhood Policy since 2003
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Democratic Oversight over the Irish Government in the field of the Common Foreign and Security Policy

  • Ben Tonra (2008) 
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Transatlantic Security Relations: An Irish Contribution

  • Ben Tonra (2004)
  • in: Joe Carroll and John Travers (eds), An Indispensable Partnership: EU-US relations from an Irish Perspective
  • Dublin: Institute of European Affairs

Ireland: A Tale of Two Referenda

  • Ben Tonra (2005) 
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The European Union and the International Dimension

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Conceptualising the European Union's Global Role

  • Ben Tonra (2005)
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The Role of Collective Security in Irish Foreign Policy

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Les Constraintes Nouvelles: Les Petits Pays et le Systeme International

  • Ben Tonra (2002) 
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Ireland: the Politics of Pragmatism

  • Ben Tonra (2001) 
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Irish Foreign Policy

  • Ben Tonra (2001) 
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Setting the Agenda of European Crisis Management - The Challenge to Coherence

  • Ben Tonra (2001) 
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Denmark and Ireland

  • Ben Tonra (2000)
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The Political Committee within CFSP

  • Ben Tonra (2000) 
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Ireland: History

  • Ben Tonra (2000)
  • in: Regional Surveys of the World, Western Europe 2000
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The Politics of Justice

  • Ben Tonra (1997) 
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The Impact of Political Co-Operation

  • Ben Tonra (1997)
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Ireland: The International Dissenter

  • Ben Tonra (1996) 
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  • London: Berg