Book Chapters:

Teaching Citizens to be Professional Soldiers: IDF Responses and their Implications

  • Tamir Libel (2010)
  • in: Stuart A. Cohen (ed.), The New Citizen Armies
  • London: Routledge

Late Bloomers: Professionalizing IDF Junior Officer Training

  • Tamir Libel (2010)
  • in: Hunert Annen and Juha Makinen (eds.), Military Pedagogical Considerations
  • Berlin: Peter Lang

Training Military Personnel to Take Moral Decisions in Situations of Ethical Asymmetry. Lessons from the Israeli Experience

  • Tamir Libel (2007)
  • in: Jarmo Toiskallio (ed.), Ethical Education in the Military: What, How and Why in the 21st Century?
  • Finland: National Defence College