Book Chapters

Book Chapters:

1911: Prophecies and Prospects

  • William Mulligan (2012)
  • in: Peter Dennis and Jeffrey Grey (eds.) 1911: Preliminary Moves
  • Newport, NSW: Big Sky Publishing

British anti-slave trade and anti-slavery policy in East Africa, Arabia and Turkey in the late nineteenth century

  • William Mulligan (2011)
  • in: Brendan Simms and David Trim (eds.), Humanitarian Intervention: A History
  • Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

The Reichswehr and the Weimar Republic

  • William Mulligan (2009)
  • in: Anthony McElligott (ed.), Weimar Germany
  • Oxford: Oxford University Press

Mobs and diplomats: the Alabama affair and British diplomacy, 1865-1872

  • William Mulligan (2008)
  • in: Markus Mösslang and Torsten Riotte (eds.), The Diplomats' World. A cultural history of diplomacy, 1815-1914
  • Oxford: Oxford University Press

Restrained competition: international relations

  • William Mulligan (2006)
  • in: Stefan Berger (ed.), A Companion to Nineteenth Century Europe, 1789-1914
  • Oxford: Blackwell


The Wehrmacht exhibition and the politics of memory in Germany, 1995-1999

  • William Mulligan (2003)
  • in: H.B. Clarke and J. Devlin (eds.), European Encounters. Essays in memory of Albert Lovett