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Academic Year 2023-24

  Magda Fytili (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
25 January 2024

'The Spanish and the Greek Civil Wars: Two Failed Popular Revolutions'

Venue: K114, Newman Building
Date: Thurs 25 January 2024
Time: 4pm
  Doris Bergen (University of Toronto)
8 February 2024

Between God and Hitler: Military Chaplains in Nazi Germany 

Venue: K114, Newman Building
Date: Thurs 8 February 2024
Time: 4pm
  David Fitzgerald (UCC)
15 February 2024

'Uncertain Warriors: The United States Army between the Cold War and the War on Terror'

Venue: K114, Newman Building
Date: Thurs 15 February 2024
Time: 4pm
  Lisa Marie Freitag (Potsdam)
22 February 2024

 'Biographical approaches to the history of the German Armed Forces in the 1980s'

Venue: G217, Newman Building
Date: 22 February 2024
Time: 1pm
   Thomas Peak (Vilnius University)
30 April 2024

'The Language(s) of War: how do we talk ourselves into war?'

Venue: K114

Date: Tues 30 Apr

Time: 4 p.m.

  Masha Cerovic (EHESS, Paris)
29 May 2024

Spatial dis/orders and dynamics of violence in the Nazi-occupied Soviet Union (1941-1943)

Venue: K114

Date: Wed 29 May

Time: 4 p.m.


The paper focuses on the dynamics of violence in the Ukrainian-Russian border area, between Chernihiv and Brjansk, between 1941 and 1943. This region is characterized by the multiplicity of the violent actors involved: it was a stronghold of the Soviet partisan movement, the locus of emergence of the most structured Russian nationalist collaborationist force, while various German and Hungarian troops were in charge of its pacification. I propose to analyze the complex dynamics of violence that emerge from this multi-directional conflict through a spatial lens.

  Jack Watling
4 October

Affirmation or Disintegration of Statehood: Recognition in Civil Conflict

Venue: K114, Newman Building

Date: Wednesday, 4 October 2023
Time: 4pm
  Victor Jaeschke (University of Potsdam)
11 October

'Towards an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe'? The end of the Cold War and the founding of the EU, 1987-1992

Venue: E115, Newman Building

Date: Wednesday, 11 October

Time: 12 pm


Jennifer Wellington (UCD)

18 October

'Loot fever': the British Army in the Second World War? 

Venue: K114, Newman Building
Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2023
Time: 5pm

Douglas Delaney (Royal Military College of Canada)

8 November

'Impeded by Informality: The Admiralty, the War Office, the Canadian Militia, and War Plans to Capture St Pierre and Miquelon, 1897-1903'

Venue: K114, Newman Building

Date: Wednesday, 8 November 2023

Time: 4pm


Kostis Karpozilos

23 November 

'Between crumbling Empires: Black Sea refugees, professional revolutionaries and the transnational evolution of Greek communism (1918-1924)'

Venue: K114, Newman Building

Date: Thursday 23, November

Time: 4 pm




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