Maths Enrichment Classes Lecture Notes 2013

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Lecture Notes from 26 January 2013

Counting and numbering

Graphs and networks 


 Lecture Notes from 02 February 2013



Lecture Notes from 09 February 2013

 Counting Principle



Lecture Notes from 16 February 2013

Number Theory 

The Principle of Induction 


    Dublin Area Selection Test from 23 February 2013




Lecture Notes from 02 March 2013

Modular Arithmetic 

The Pigeonhole Principle 


 Lecture Notes from 09 March 2013

Invariance Principle 

Triangle Centres 


Lecture Notes from 23 March 2013

Modular Arithmetic II 

Inequalities related to Number Theory 


Lecture Notes from 13 April 2013

Sets and Counting  


Lecture Notes from 20 April 2013

Modular Arithmetic III 


 Lecture Notes from 27 April 2013

 Applications of Extremal Theorems on Graph Theory