Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Wound Healing

Keywords: plasma medicine, wound healing, active oxygen species.


Plasma Medicine is an innovative and emerging field which uses cold atmospheric plasma for therapeutic applications, particularly in the area of skin diseases and wound healing. The effect of the plasma is two fold, it acts as an in - vivo antiseptic without causing cellular damage and stimulates tissue regeneration.

Chronic Wound Healing

To date at least 3 atmospheric plasma systems have obtained EU CE marking (Kinpen, Microplaster, Bioweld 1). Clinical trials undertaken with the Microplaster source have demonstrated a 24% enhancement in wound healing efficacy.

Extensive Characterisation

UCD researchers have carried out extensive studies in the field of plasma medicine. This has included wound healing treatments as well as developing a fundamental understanding of the mode of action of the plasma.


Anti-microbial performance has been demonstrated for a range of bacteria applied to freshly excised pig skin substrates. Up to a 5 log reduction in bacteria was observed after the plasma treatment.

Animal Trial

Animal trials (rat study) demonstrated a 6 fold enhancement in the rate of wound healing 4 days after the incision. Histological analysis revealed no adverse affect of the treatment.

Contact details

Prof. Denis Dowling
Director UCD Surface Engineering