Precision - Plasma Technology for Nano Manufacturing

Keywords: plasma processing, surface energy, topography, medical device, food packaging.


Precision is a Strategic Research Cluster supported by Science Foundation Ireland and our Industrial partners. The Cluster aims to develop the scientific and technological knowledge needed for present and future manufacturing applications using plasmas, with a specific emphasis on nano-scale products, process reliability, manufacturing costs and advanced materials processing. It enables the fundamental understanding of plasma processing to be coupled with real word product application in the medical device and food packaging industries.

As part of this project, the UCD group will investigate:

  • The effect of the plasma deposition parameters on the surface chemistry, energy, morphology and mechanical properties of the coatings, onto various polymeric and metallic substrates.
  • The influence of surface modifications on progenitor cell (bone marrow mesenchymal* cells (MSC)) adhesion and differentiation.
  • The deposition of nano-coatings that contain natural antioxidants onto food packaging material.

*Cells within the embryo that develop into connective tissue, bone, cartilage, blood and the lymphatic system

Contact Details
Prof. Denis Dowling
Director UCD Surface Engineering