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EDI News and Events at UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science

International Women's Day 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science developed a series of short vidoes to celebrate some of the female members of the postdoctoral and research scientist community within the school.

The full playlist can be viewed here.

UCD Neurodiversity Celebration Week

UCD hosted neurodiversity celebration week from the 21st - 25th March 2022. A week-long celebration and reflection on neurodiversity during which the concept of neurodiversity was explored through the lens of art, culture, architecture, business and technology. From neurodivergent artists and advocates to students, graduates, and employees, the week explored the lived experiences of neurodiverse people and shares the latest best practice. 

A review of evenets with many available on demand can be viewed here. 

 International Women's Day 2021

To mark International Women’s Day 2021 the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science launched a series of short videos to celebrate the enormous contribution of their female graduates to the Agri-Food sector. 

 There are eleven videos in total and the full playlist can be viewed here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-U2oGh0mYiRQsFl6UrBr2Wru0jFk-lqM

Ag Dif Masterclass on Cognitive Diversity  

The Agri-Food Diversity & Inclusion Forum (AgDif) is a collaborative initiative with industry, led by Bord Bia and Aon in partnership with The 30% Club. Ag Dif runs a series of masterclasses focusing on educating and supporting industry around various D&I areas. Their first webinar of 2021 focused on "The Role Cognitive Diversity Plays in Helping Your Business Thrive - Why Differing Views Within Your Business Can Make It Better" and can be viewed here


In May 2021 the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science hosted an EDI focused teaching and learning day for all staff. Contibutors include staff members, colleagues from within UCD and external guest speakers. Presentations from the event can be downloaded below:

Rewriting the Stories of Disability (poscast)

Rewriting the Stories of Disability (PODCAST) featuring Dr. Deirdre O'Connor, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science was recorded as part of the Mind Reading: Experts in Conversation series.

The episode featured: Dr Deirdre O’Connor (UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science and Chair of UCD EDI Disabilities Subgroup); Dr Irwin Gill (Consultant Paediatrician, Disability & Rehabilitation) Dr Maria Stuart (UCD English, Metaphoric Stammers and Embodied Speakers); and, Dr Elizabeth Barrett (Temple St Hospital & UCD). The podcast is presented by Dr Clare Hayes-Brady (UCD).


Invisible Disabilities Week 2020
To mark Invisible Disabilities week 2020 the  UCD EDI Committee in conjunction with Moli Ireland and journalist Ailbhe Conneely recorded a poscast "Hidden Stores"  which looks at the experience of living with an invisible disability. Featuring Deirdre O'Connor from the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science -  https://moli.ie/radio/hidden-stories/

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