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NUI Scholarship for Students with a Disability

The NUI O'Brien Bequest Award Scheme for Students with Disabilities is offered annually with a closing date usually at the start of November. You can find full information on the (opens in a new window)NUI Website. UCD Access and Lifelong Learning strongly encourages eligible candidates to make an application. If you are unsure if you are eligible or would like assistance with your application, please contact us for help at (opens in a new window)disability@ucd.ie

Applications closed

From the NUI Website;

“Under this scheme, which is in operation since 1981, awards are provided for new entrant undergraduate students who have serious physical disabilities and who propose to pursue primary degree courses in the National University of Ireland. In 2011, individual awards will be provided to new entrant undergraduate students, who are registering for the first year of a primary degree course of studies, in one of the Constituent Universities or Recognised Colleges of NUI, and who have serious physical disabilities. Applicants are required to submit evidence of their disability with their completed application forms. The value of the awards is dependent on the number of eligible applications received.”