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Congratulations to the winners of the Gerd Albers Award for Best Article 2023

Wednesday, 29 November, 2023

Congratulations to (opens in a new window)Dr Ana Peric Momcilovic of the UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy on winning the Gerb Albers Award for Best Article 2023 along with her co-author Marija Maruna.

Dr Momcilovic an Assistant Professor in Urban and Regional Planning currently contributes to the Chang’an-Dublin International College (CDIC) of Transportation, being involved in its BSc Transport, City Planning & Environmental Policy programme and offering modules on Comparative Urban Planning and Rural & Landscape Planning.

The thought-provoking piece of research (Post-socialist discourse of urban megaproject development: From City on the Water to Belgrade Waterfront, by Ana Peric and Marija Maruna) delves into the evolution of urban megaprojects in post-socialist contexts, using the fascinating case study of the Belgrade Waterfront.

The position of the Belgrade Waterfront project within the Belgrade city pattern.

Through a meticulous examination of the historical, political, and economic dimensions, the article uncovers the complex narratives and discourses that surround the transformation of urban landscapes. It explores the transition from the City on the Water concept to the ambitious Belgrade Waterfront project, shedding light on the various actors, power dynamics, and ideologies that shape these urban transformations.

This award-winning article offers valuable insights into the dynamics of urban development in a rapidly changing world, making it essential reading for urban planners, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the intricate relationship between politics, economics, and the built environment.

The paper delves into the intricate dynamics of urban development in Serbia within the socio-political circumstances of authoritarian neoliberalism. It scrutinises how the country grapples with issues such as the misuse of legal procedures, neglect of public interest, and the politicisation of planning. The focus is on urban megaprojects, dissecting how they demand unique characteristics - from special regulations to additional funding, long-term timeframes, and the establishment of ad hoc actor-networks. The exploration extends to the core ideological landscapes steering the regeneration of the Belgrade waterfront, emphasising two pivotal examples: 'City on the Water' and 'Belgrade Waterfront.'

You can read the paper here: (opens in a new window)https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264275122003158

Gerd Albers Award (GAA) was established in 1999 in honour of Professor Gerd Albers, a co-founder and past president of the Society, who placed a particular emphasis on the task of publishing as a means of elucidating both the current debate and practical achievements in the planning field. This reputable award is bestowed for the best publication (book, book chapter, journal article and/or published project report) of ISOCARP members.

You can learn more about IOSCARP here: (opens in a new window)https://isocarp.org/activities/awards/gerd-albers-award/winners2023/

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