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School Contact List

Please find below a list of contacts within UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy. Full staff profiles can be found here.

Note: all extension numbers should be preceded with (+353 1) 716


Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty  (opens in a new window)kathleen.jameschakraborty@ucd.ie Ext: 8148 J009
Dr Annette Clancy (opens in a new window)aclancy@ucd.ie Ext: 8404 J001-3
Associate Professor Philip Cottrell  (Head of School) (opens in a new window)philip.cottrell@ucd.ie Ext: 8603 J012
Dr Victoria Durrer (opens in a new window)victoria.durrer@ucd.ie Ext: 8649 J014
Dr Donal Fullam (opens in a new window)donal.fullam@ucd.ie    
Dr Aleksandra Gajowy (opens in a new window)aleksandra.gajowy@ucd.ie Ext: 8609 J014
Dr Róisín Kennedy (opens in a new window)roisin.kennedy@ucd.ie Ext: 8625 J008
Associate Professor John Loughman (opens in a new window)john.loughman@ucd.ie Ext: 8565 J011
Dr Sean Leatherbury (opens in a new window)sean.leatherbury@ucd.ie Ext: 8650 J001-3
Associate Professor Conor Lucey (opens in a new window)conor.lucey@ucd.ie Ext: 8549 J001-3
Professor Emily Mark-FitzGerald (opens in a new window)emily.mark@ucd.ie Ext: 8554 J001-3
Professor Lynda Mulvin (opens in a new window)lmulvin@ucd.ie Ext: 8679 J013
Associate Professor Fiona Smyth (opens in a new window)fiona.smyth1@ucd.ie Ext: 8132 503 (James Joyce Library Building)
Helena McCann (School Manager) (opens in a new window)helena.mccann@ucd.ie Ext: 8162 J010
Carla Briggs, MA (Slide Curator) (opens in a new window)carla.briggs@ucd.ie Ext: 8403 J001-3
Dr Jenny Devine (ERC Research Project Coordinator) (opens in a new window)jenny.devine@ucd.ie    
Kate Buckley (ERC Research Assistant) (opens in a new window)kate.buckley@ucd.ie    
Emeritus Assistant Professor Pat Cooke (opens in a new window)pat.cooke@ucd.ie    
Emeritus Associate Professor Nicola Figgis (opens in a new window)nicola.figgis@ucd.ie    
Emeritus Professor Paula Murphy (opens in a new window)paula.murphy@ucd.ie    

UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy

Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 8162 | E: arthistory.culturalpolicy@ucd.ie