School Contact List

Please find below a list of contacts within UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy. Full staff profiles can be found here.

Note: all extension numbers should be preceeded with (+353 1) 716


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Associate Professor Emily Mark-FitzGerald (Head of School) Ext: 8554 J001-3
Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty Ext: 8148 J009
Dr Annette Clancy Ext: 8404 J001-3
Associate Professor Philip Cottrell Ext: 8603 J012
Dr Victoria Durrer Ext: 8649 J014
Dr Aleksandra Gajowy Ext: 8609 J014
Dr Róisín Kennedy Ext: 8625 J008
Associate Professor John Loughman Ext: 8565 J011
Dr Sean Leatherbury Ext: 8650 J001-3
Associate Professor Conor Lucey Ext: 8549 J001-3
Professor Lynda Mulvin Ext: 8679


Elizabeth Varley (School Manager) Ext: 8162 J010
Carla Briggs, MA (Slide Curator) Ext: 8403 J001-3
Associate Professor Emerita Nicola Figgis    
Professor Emerita Paula Murphy    


Dr Stefan Ehrig

Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow

Fionnuala Croke Director, Chester Beatty Library
Dr Barbara Dawson Director, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Sarah Glennie Director, National College of Art & Design