Exchange Programmes

Erasmus Exchange

UCD School of Art History & Cultural Policy participates in the Erasmus Programmes enabling the exchange of students between different European universities to study Art History. We have direct exchange agreements with the Art History departments of the following universities - Universität Wien [Austria], Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne [France], Goethe-Universität Frankfurt [Germany], Università degli Studi di Roma III [Italy], Erasmus University Rotterdam [Netherlands], Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad de Zaragoza [Spain], Université de Lausanne [Switzerland].  UCD Art History students can travel to study at any of these universities, and annually the School receives incoming students from any or all of them.

The Erasmus Exchange is usually undertaken after a student has successfully completed second Year (Stage 2). A student who wishes to travel will select one university where he/she will undertake a course of study for a full academic year. Obviously the ability to communicate in the language of the chosen institution is an essential consideration. Courses of study are selected both independently and with the assistance of the co-ordinator in the host university. Examinations are taken and credits are awarded. The following year the student returns to take final year courses and examinations at UCD. In such cases a four-year BA International programme will have been undertaken.

The number of students permitted to travel within the network each year is small and it is not possible therefore to ensure a place to all who apply. Those second year students who are interested in participating must make contact with the School co-ordinator before the end of the autumn trimester.

  • The current School co-ordinator for the Erasmus Network is: Carla Briggs


International Exchange

International exchanges beyond Europe are also possible. UCD has exchange agreements with 400 universities in Europe and around the world. All Non-EU exchanges are co-ordinated by the International Office. 

For further detail see the UCD International Office website. 


Incoming students

Carla Briggs is the School liaise for incoming students.

Infomation about modules open to visiting exchange students in 2021/22 can be found in the following booklet: Handbook for International Students 2021/22