Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar Series

Autumn 2021

Organisers: Sean Leatherbury & Lynda Mulvin

Online Series: Tuesdays

To attend: register on Zoom here

poster for LAB Seminar Series Autumn 2021 

5 October @ 4:00–5:15pm
Mikael Muehlbauer (Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies)
An Ethiopian “Constantine” in the 12th century: The architecture of the early Zagwe dynasty and monumental ruins

26 October @ 4:00–5:15pm
Alice Isabella Sullivan (Tufts University)
Cladding the sacred in Byzantium and beyond

9 November @ *12:00-1:15pm*
Nigel Westbrook (University of Western Australia)
The city within the city: The Great Palace within the context of Byzantine Constantinople

30 November @ 4:00–5:15pm
Rebecca Usherwood (Trinity College Dublin)
Did Christians erase the names of their persecutors? The case of North Africa