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Genetics and Evolution: From Genome to Biome

Genetics and Evolution: From Genome to Biome

Theme members: Jens Carlsson (Lead), Jon Yearsley, Emma Teeling, John Finarelli, Tom Wilkinson, Susanne Schilling, Sónia Negrão, Julia Jones, Graham Hughes and Zixia Huang

 ‌‌Coelacanth - the living fossil

The evolutionary process is intrinsic to all biological systems and is therefore the unifying theory of every biological science. Understanding and measuring this process will allow us to uncover the history of life and can explain the causes of biodiversity. Our Genetics and Evolution research programme examines evolution at different transects of time using morphological, life-history and molecular genetic methods. The strength of our programme resides in its multidisciplinary nature. We examine evolutionary and genetic processes in both plants and animals using palaeontology, phylogenetics, population genetics, developmental biology, as well as host-parasite interactions, eco-morphology, behaviour and comparative genomics.

Researchers within this theme seek to address the following key objectives: 

(i) Uncover the relationship between genotype and phenotype.

(ii) Use an evolutionary and developmental perspective to explain biodiversity and organismal biology.

(iii) Determine how abiotic and biotic factors drive evolutionary and ecological change.

School of Biology and Environmental Science