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Cellular and Molecular Biology: From Genes to Biotechnology

Cellular and Molecular Biology: From Genes to Biotechnology  

Theme members: Rory Johnson (Lead), Gavin Stewart, Jeremy Simpson, Carl Ng, Joanna Kacpryzk, Fiona Doohan, Paul McCabe, Rainer Melzer, Antoinette Perry

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This theme exploits the wealth of information encoded by genomes to advance our knowledge of cell physiology in both animal and plant systems and in a range of model organisms. Cutting-edge genetic, molecular and cellular tools are employed to address questions relating to cell signalling, reproductive development, programmed cell death, membrane transport, senescence and ageing, therapeutic delivery, epigenetics and the cellular responses to stress and environmental change. We use this combination of animal and plant research to make significant contributions to the field of biotechnology.

Researchers within this theme seek to address the following key objectives.

(i) Characterise the hierarchical organisation of complex biological systems at the cellular level.

(ii) Elucidate the mechanisms that mediate cellular responses to altered environments.

(iii) Develop novel molecular processes and techniques for use in biotechnology.

School of Biology and Environmental Science