Biomedical Engineering research is rooted in collaborative interdisciplinary research across many disciplines including Engineering, Physical Sciences, Medical Science together with clinicians and industry.  Current collaborations involve researchers from within UCD and researchers from other national and international universities, institutes and centres.

A key strength of UCD’s Biomedical Engineering research activity is our collaboration with clinicians in UCD’s teaching hospitals, helping to inform our research agenda.  This engagement ensures that our research addresses and is relevant to real clinical needs, leading to the development of innovative applications and clinical use.

The UCD Centre for Biomedical Engineering has 4 key thematic research areas:








The 4 thematic research areas investigate 4 clinical research topics:

>> Cardiovascular System

>> Musculoskeletal System

>> Neurology

>> Orthopaedics

Innovation & Partnerships

The UCD Centre for Biomedical Engineering research activity has a strong track record of close partnership with industry.  This has resulted in the commercialisation of intellectual property through licence agreements and spin-out companies, including for example BiancaMed (acquired by ResMed).  Staff working in the UCD UCD Centre for Biomedical Engineering have the opportunity to expand existing and create new connections with industry.  A number of staff are also participating in the UCD Campus Company Development Programme to progess future spin-out opportunities.

More information can be found in under Collaboration.