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Building Design Principles

A core objective of the UCD Strategic Development Plan 2016-2021-2026 is the development of a modern, sustainable, healthy and living campus.

The Plan promotes the following:

• Sustainable use of campus lands with an emphasis on high architectural merit and material quality in the redevelopment and reuse of existing buildings and construction of new buildings.

• Emphasis on the use of sustainable materials, systems and technologies in buildings and infrastructure, considering life cycle costs, quality of materials and durability.

• Increased engagement with neighbouring communities and the public, and the promotion of UCD as an amenity for recreation and leisure.

• Partnership activities with industry to further innovation and economic activity.

• Preservation of the cultural heritage of the campus.

• Facilitation of legibility and permeability through the campus.

• Efficient use of campus facilities and ensuring the physical infrastructure of the University supports projected expansion.

• Strive to become an exemplar in the field of sustainable development. This will be achieved through the efficient management of water, energy and waste, as well as through a commitment to the principles of environmental protection and sustainability in the design, construction and redevelopment of campus buildings and facilities.

• Communication and promotion of sustainability initiatives and the benefits of sustainable practices to staff, students, visitors and the wider community through general education and raising awareness activities.

• Continued measurement, benchmarking and reporting of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) relating to the sustainability of the campus.