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Update 18 April 2018 - Residential Master Plan

Thursday, 19 April, 2018

The provision of additional quality student residences on the campus is a significant ambition of the University. A student residences masterplan has been developed which proposes to increase existing accommodation from 3,170 to 6,000 bedrooms.

The creation of a dedicated residential character area that facilitates the development of a sense of community, delivers quality public spaces, commuting, social, recreational, shopping and other facilities will significantly enhance the experience of students living on campus.

The increase in student accommodation on campus will create the basis for a constant vibrant presence on the campus adding to the levels of activity and security. The area will contain a “village centre” and local hubs which will contain a small supermarket, catering, dining, laundrettes and other facilities.

The development of the residential character area will further the sustainable development goals of the University, reducing the demand for rental accommodation in the vicinity of UCD and reduce the numbers of students commuting to the campus.

The density of future residential buildings has been considered carefully to address sustainable land-use, the site specific location, boundary sensitivities, and the need to promote wayfinding and the creation of a greater sense of place.

Access to various transport modes for residents will include quality cycle parking, set-down and pick-up areas, and strategically located surface and structured car parking.

This dedicated residential area will reinforce the healthy campus ethos, promoting the well-being of its inhabitants, and providing a safe and secure living environment through design elements such as legibility, external lighting and modern security technologies.

Planning permission has been granted for the first two phases of the masterplan and work on phase 1 has commenced. More details can be found (opens in a new window)here