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The purpose of the UCD Strategic Campus Development Plan 2016-2021-2026 is to communicate the broad direction of future physical development of the Belfield Campus in terms of the facilities required to support the University’s vision of being a global top 100 university.

As part of Ireland’s largest and most globally engaged university, the UCD estate incorporates circa 389,000sq.m of building floor area with an insurance replacement value of c1.17 billion.

The estate facilities are predominantly based at the main Belfield campus with additional accommodation provided at Blackrock, Lyons Research Farm, Newman House, and various hospital locations.

The UCD Strategic Campus Development Plan 2016-2021-2026 seeks to:

• Deliver a Campus Development Plan to support the UCD Strategy 2015-2020.

• Support the delivery of world-class facilities designed to meet the evolving needs of a modern university.

• Deliver high architectural quality with a focus on sustainable design which minimises the impact of the campus on the environment.

• Strengthen and consolidate academic disciplines and the Character Areas of the Belfield Campus.

• Protect and develop the Belfield sylvan setting and biodiversity within the campus.

• Develop the campus community, improve public leisure and recreation areas and facilitate interaction between faculty, staff, students and the public.

• Reach out and foster engagement with the local community, both in the immediate environs of the campus and in the wider city.

• Facilitate the delivery of high quality residential accommodation to meet the needs of a growing student population.

• Support the new (opens in a new window)UCD Campus Travel Plan in order to maximise accessibility of the University in the most sustainable way in line with national policy.