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Education, Research and Innovation Character Area

This Character Area includes many worldclass facilities which have been developed and enhanced since the establishment of the Campus.

The Education, Research and Innovation Character Area is well-established as the core of the Belfield Campus. Recent investment in UCD’s physical infrastructure is transforming the support for University activities. A key objective is the establishment of high quality architecture which creates a strong sense of place while also delivering an exciting environment for students, staff and the wider community.

The Character Area has developed around a number of smaller precincts which are focused on particular related disciplines such as the Science, Newman Joyce, and Business and Law Precincts.

New developments within the Education, Research and Innovation Character Area will be of appropriate mass and scale, ensuring the sustainable use of campus lands and the minimisation of single storey developments which do not make efficient use of the valuable space within this area.

Denser development and intensification of the existing built form will support the development of future landmark buildings of greater height and scale at strategic locations. The campus general height and massing strategy will respect the sensitive nature of a number of the Campus boundaries, and take due cognisance of neighbouring residential development. The height of each future building in the Education, Research and Innovation Character Area will be considered carefully to reflect the site specific location and the function of the campus core, to promote wayfinding and the creation of a greater sense of place.

Priority developments identified within the Education, Research and Innovation Character Area are highlighted overleaf.

The campus lake and landscape features serve as a focal point for social interaction and provide a visually impressive setting for nearby buildings.

The scale and quality of design will reflect the strategic location of this part of the campus. 

This Character Area has evolved from earlier campus development plans with a compact building layout linked by a pedestrian spine. The subsequent intensification and pedestrianisation of the core enabled enhanced connectivity and interactions between various academic disciplines and support activities within the campus.

Enhancement of pedestrian and cyclist networks will consider the context of segregation from vehicular traffic, the efficient movement of people and access to public transport.

The development of underground and multi-storey commuting facilities at strategic locations will enhance the pedestrian core of the campus while supporting sustainable car parking developments which mitigate an overreliance on surface car parking.

The lands adjacent to the Stillorgan Road (R138) campus entrance present an opportunity to raise the University’s profile through a public realm landscape intervention which could provide a range of uses which will engage with the local neighbouring communities and wider City. These could be for cultural, community and commercial uses, and transport facilities, which will create a sense of arrival, interaction and welcome to the campus and University.

This area features a direct link to the strategically significant Stillorgan Road (R138), which acts as the primary entry and egress point of the campus. Development of this high profile area will consider future mobility management and transport plans carefully, including the facilitation of the future Bus Rapid Transport infrastructure as promoted by the County Development Plan 2016-2021, Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the National Transport Authority.