CEPL members have made contributions to the public discussion surrounding the COVID-19 health emergency. We also want to hear from you about what issues you want to see us address.

The Young Philosopher Awards is an intitiative to give primary and secondary school students chance to explore philosophy through a nationwide award program and festival. The students create complex projects and were judged according to their critical and ethical thinking, creativity, collaboration, philosophical analysis and innovation. Students from third to sixth class of primary school, plus all students at post-primary level, on the island of Ireland are eligible to participate, and past entries have included posters, films, essays, and podcasts.

CEPL produced an extensive set of resources to help voters grapple with the moral issues with the 2018 referendum on the so-called Eighth Amendment, which placed a constitutional prohibition against the termination of pregnancy in almost all cases. The resouces includes a breakdown of the most common arguments given for and against, a series of short pieces on topics such as the use of pictures of mothers and babies in the campaign materials, and an argument roadmap which laid out how to take account of factors such as worries about the protection of the foetus or about government overreach when deciding on how to vote.

Our colleagues at the Enquiring Classroom project have produced this Handbook as a contemporary response to questions of democracy, education, values and beliefs. It contains 6 strands with a range of creative methodologies designed for students in both primary and post-primary contexts. It also serves as a useful resource for initial teacher education students and teacher educators as well as CPD for teachers.

The Enquiring Classroom is a project distinct from CEPL, which we are happy to promote.