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The UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life (CEPL) is partnering with Guth Gafa Teoranta and the creators of the film Young Plato (Soilsiu Films) on the design and implementation of their exciting Thinking Changes project, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Peace and Reconciliation Fund and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

CEPL is delighted to be working with the Guth Gafa team on the Thinking Changes project. This is an exciting socially engaged project, which builds on CEPL’s current research themes of building empathy, respect and understanding between different groups and communities. The Thinking Changes project is also in line with CEPL’s commitment to build bridges between UCD academics and the wider community in relation to ethical issues. We consider this to be a particularly valuable project that aligns with our Centre’s expertise and experience in working with teachers and students across the North and South of Ireland.

Thinking Changes is a visionary initiative to bring together, in a common shared space, students, teachers and community groups from across different communities on the island of Ireland, specifically to engage in philosophical discussions about non-violence, peace and reconciliation. A ‘shared space’ is created around the award-winning film Young Plato, which will be screening in cinemas, enabling young people, teachers, and community groups to address issues of concern to them in an accessible way, drawing on philosophical tools and dialogue. 

CEPL is not only working with the team on the design of the project but is providing training courses for community group leaders and teachers who want to acquire Philosophy for/with Children skills, in order to be prepare them for engaging with young people around philosophical approaches and themes and to facilitate their participation in the project. 

This brings together expertise and experience through CEPL’s work with community groups, schools, teachers, and students across the North and South of Ireland through the Irish and International Young Philosopher Awards as well as expertise from the UCD School of Philosophy. 

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