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Professor Nathan Hill Delivered a Lecture at the IICS Public Lecture Series

Professor Nathan Hill delivered a talk at the IICS Public Lecture Series and the 46th Confucius PhD Student Forum

On the 10th of March 2022, Professor Nathan Hill, the Director of Trinity Centre for Asian Studies, delivered a talk entitled “Marx’s Theory of Absolute Rent and its Role in Explaining the Divergence of Prices from Values” at the UCD Irish Institute for Chinese Studies (IICS) Public Lecture Series / 46th Confucius PhD Student Forum. In his talk, Professor Hill provided a critical analysis of the concepts of monopoly rent, differential rent, and absolute rent by illustrating key passages from Adam Smith (1723-1790), David Ricardo (1772-1823), and Karl Marx (1818-1883). The talk was attended by over 90 people who joined either in person or via zoom.


2022年3月10日,圣三一大学亚洲研究中心主任内森·黑尔教授在都柏林大学爱尔兰中国研究院公开讲座系列暨第46届孔子博士生论坛上做了题为 “马克思绝对地租理论及其对于价格从价值中剥离出来的解释”的讲座。黑尔教授在讲座中通过讲解亚当·史密斯(1723-1790)、大卫·李嘉图(1772-1823)及卡尔·马克思(1818-1883)著作中的关键段落批判性地分析了垄断地租、级差地租和绝对地租的概念。90多位与会者以面对面或者网络会议的方式出席了讲座。