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Intelligent Sensing and Multimedia

Intelligent Sensing and Multimedia

Sub topics:

  • Image and Media Processing
  • Signal Processing & Communications
  • Speech and Speech Technology

The area of Intelligent Sensing and Multimedia deals with everything around how computers can deal with information from sensors. Human senses (e.g. vision and hearing) can be mimicked by machines to interpret information from sensors such as cameras or microphones. Multimedia Research covers everything from encoding media (e.g. images, videos or sounds) for digital transmission (e.g. mobile phones), to analysis (e.g. forensic voice recognition or speech recognition by Alexa), to storage (e.g. compression algorithms like MP3) and enhancement (e.g. restoring old video film archives). Signal Processing and Communications describes research where information encoded in a digital manner is communicated using computers. This broad field covers everything from EEG medical sensors to 5G network quality management.  Speech Technology includes research into how technology can be applied to linguistics, speech analysis and even allowing computers to communicate via speech (speech synthesis). Active research at UCD ranges from Virtual Reality application to medial sensor interpretation to creating better Zoom call experiences.

Associated staff

(opens in a new window)Dr Andrew Hines

(opens in a new window)Assoc Professor David Coyle

(opens in a new window)Assoc Professor Fred Cummins

(opens in a new window)Mr John Dunnion

(opens in a new window)Dr Catherine Mooney

(opens in a new window)Félix Balado

(opens in a new window)Assoc Professor Chris Bleakley

(opens in a new window)Dr Abey Campbell

(opens in a new window)Assoc Professor Guenole Silvestre

(opens in a new window)Dr Brian Mac Namee

(opens in a new window)Professor Julie Berndsen

(opens in a new window)Dr Soumyabrata Dev

(opens in a new window)Assoc Professor Tony Veale

(opens in a new window)Dr Mohamed Saadeldin

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