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MSc Advanced Software Engineering FAQ

MSc Advanced Software Engineering (ONLINE)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I qualify for the course?
This course is geared at professional software engineers/developers. If you clearly satisfy the entry requirements, your application will normally be accepted, subject to satisfactory references and fulfilment of language requirements (if required).
Each application is considered on its individual merit, however. If you have insufficient experience, or don't have a strong degree, but think that you are suitable for the course, then by all means apply. You should explain in your application why you believe you are suitable for the course. You could also ask referees to comment directly on the areas in which you do not fulfil the entry requirements.
However, if you are a new graduate with little or no industrial experience, there is no point in applying. If this case we highly recommend the MSc by Negotiated Learning (MSc NL, T151). Please see here if you have any further questions about the MSc by Negotiated Learning.

What if I don’t have the required academic qualifications?
Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis, and industrial experience may be accepted in lieu of a university degree. In exceptional cases, applicants with no academic qualifications have been accepted to the programme. The criteria we look at in this type of case include:
- number of years industrial experience
- the quality of this experience
- professional qualifications
- evidence that your experience covers the range of topics a CS graduate would have encountered
- evidence that you have worked for a number of years at the level of an experienced CS graduate
Please note that we are very reluctant to accept an applicant who has no primary degree so in this scenario you will need to have a very strong case for your application to succeed.

Do I have to be working in the software industry when I apply?
Students on the MSc ASE are usually either employed or in between contracts. However, it is not an essential requirement to be in employment to undertake this MSc.

Is there a form for the required references?

There is no form. If at all possible, one of the references should be from your current employer and it should be written by someone who is able to provide an assessment your technical ability, e.g. a tech lead or a senior architect. A reference from HR is not appropriate.

How much time do I have to take off work?

The required attendance in UCD is 1.5 days per annum to attend exams. It is also very desirable to attend the induction half-day in early September. No further attendance is required. All work can be undertaken in your own time.

How can I tell if I qualify for EU membership?
If you are uncertain if you qualify for EU/EU reduced fee, please see here. Contact the fees office directly if you have queries about this.

Is funding/studentship etc. available?
Unfortunately it is not possible for ASE students to apply for funding or a demonstratorship in the way that full-time research postgraduates can. 

What are the language requirements?
Applicants whose primary language is not English must submit evidence of competency in English. Please see http://www.ucd.ie/international/english.htm for more details. If you have been working in an English-speaking environment for a number of years, it usually suffices for a referee to confirm that you have a high competency in English.

Will I qualify for a visa?
In general, you will only get a visa to study in Ireland if you are studying full-time, so this part-time masters is not suitable for you if you require a visa to study in Ireland. If you wish to pursue a full-time masters programme in UCD, we strongly recommend the full-time MSc by Negotiated Learning (MSc NL, T150). The MSc ASE modules are available to all MSc by Negotiated Learning students who satisfy the prerequisites for the ASE programme. Please contact the NL programme administrator, (opens in a new window)Travis Grotewold, if you have any further questions about the MSc by Negotiated Learning.

What is the process if my application is accepted?
You’ll receive an informal email offer, followed by a formal offer in the UCD Online Applications system.

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