Module Themes

Modules are listed below grouped into themes to make it easier to identify related modules. There is no requirement to select within one, two, or any number of themes.

For any module you are interested in taking, please read the module descriptor carefully and check the official timetable to make sure you have no clashes in your own selections.  If the module title is followed by the note (Approval reqd), you must obtain permission from the module coordinator directly before enrolling.

Students within the Negotiated Learning programme may take no more than 20 credits at Level 3 or below, and no more than 15 credits that are not COMP coded.

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Module title and codeSemesterCreditsComments
Data Mining (COMP40370) 1 5  
Connectionist Computing (COMP41390) 1 5  
Machine Learning (COMP47460) 1 5  
Text Analytics (COMP47600) 1 10  
Machine Learning w/ Python (COMP47750) 1 5  
Optimisation (COMP47790) 1 5  
Recommender Systems & Collective Intelligence (COMP47580) 2 5 Module has programming prerequisites
Advanced Machine Learning (COMP47590) 2 5 Module has programming prerequisites
Deep Learning (COMP47650) 2 5 Prerequisites: statistics & calculus
Statistical Machine Learning (STAT30270) 2 5 Level 3 module; Approval required
Statistical Machine Learning (online) (STAT40750) 2 5 Approval required
Module title and codeSemesterCreditsComments
Networks and Internet Systems (COMP30040) 1 5 Level 3 module
Parallel and Cluster Computing (COMP30250) 1 5 Level 3 module *** This module is now FULL. ***
Distributed Systems (COMP41720) 1 5  
Cloud Computing (COMP47780) 1 10  
Module title and codeSemesterCreditsComments
Foundations of Computing (COMP30010) 1 5 Level 3 module
Information Theory (COMP30690) 1 5 Level 3 module
Partial Differential Equations (ACM30220) 1 5 Level 3 module
Numerical Algorithms (ACM40290) 1 5  
Monte Carlo Inference (STAT40400) 1 5 Approval required
Time Series Analysis (STAT40700) 1 5 Approval required
Multivariate Analysis (STAT40150) 2 5 Approval required
Multivariate Analysis (online) (STAT40740) 2 5 Approval required

NL students are able to take modules from the Masters in Advanced Software Engineering programme. These modules are especially suited to students with an interest in software development. Participants must already have two or more years experience in professional software development, after their primary degree. Please see this set of slides for more detail, including how to apply for these modules. Please note that the deadline to apply for the Autumn trimester modules is September 12th.

Module title and codeTrimesterStart dateCredits
High Performance Computing (COMP40730) Autumn Sept 2021 10 
Comparative Software Eng Process Frameworks (MIS40850) Autumn Sept 2021 10 
Agent-Oriented Software (COMP40040) Spring Jan 2022 10 
Knowledge-based Techniques for Industrial Systems (COMP40080) Spring Jan 2022 10 

Elective Module Options

In addition to the modules listed above, it may be appropriate, in individual cases, to substitute electives drawn from across the university. Inclusion of any elective modules must be signed off by your advisor during your student needs assessment.

Popular elective options include foreign language modules, taught from the Applied Language Centre. Foreign Language electives are described here.

Students with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science may be interested in modules from the Cognitive Science programme, which are listed here, and timetable details are provided here.

Students on the MSc Negotiated Learning programme must take a minimum of 45 taught credits from the School of Computer Science (COMP coded modules), and no more than 20 credits at level 3 or below.