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Active Bystanders Challenging Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct #NotInOurUCD (online student course)

The updated Active Bystander training is available to all returning students on Brightspace as an Explore Module and takes about one hour to complete.

If you have not previously taken Active Bystander training in UCD, please follow the steps below to take the training which has been updated with new material.

  • Open UCD Connect

  • Click on the Brightspace Icon (top right)

  • Click on the “Explore” tab at the top

  • Search for the course using the title “Active Bystanders Challenging Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct”

This important online course was developed by UCD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in collaboration with Academic colleagues, students and subject matter experts from key stakeholder groups. It is divided in three sections covering what it means to be an active bystander and why it is important, as well as inappropriate behaviours of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. We want everyone in our community, including our students, to help build a culture where inappropriate behaviours are not tolerated and where everyone can safely intervene as an active bystander. There are a range of supports available and we want to ensure that bystanders or people impacted by these behaviours feel empowered to take action. 

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