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New Institute members, September 2019

Published: Monday, 30 September, 2019

A very warm welcome to our newest Institute member James Sullivan (School of Chemistry). James is Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry and programme director of BSc Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry and MSc Chemistry by Negotiated Learning. He is also currently Deputy Head of School.

James' research group studies the synthesis, characterisation and application of heterogeneous catalysis in the areas of environmental chemistry and energy generation.

The first strand of research involves de-pollution technologies and green chemistry. Environmental chemistry/green chemistry projects include the following; Particulate matter combustion strategies, NOx storage and reduction catalysts, Selective catalytic reduction of NO using NH3 and urea, Selective catalytic oxidation using benign oxidants, Supported nanoparticle catalysts for selective H-D exchange and aqueous phase synthetic organic reactions.

The second strand of research involves the use of heterogeneous catalysts in energy generation. Energy related projects include; Heterogeneous catalysts for the production of bio-diesel, Catalysts for the valorisation of glycerol (a bio-diesel by-product), Improved photocatalysts for H2 photosynthesis and Solid Phase Catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation into C1 molecules. 

Welcome to James! You can find out more about our members and their research interests in our directory.