Strategic Priorities

The Earth Institute Strategic Priority Support Mechanism aims to stimulate interdisciplinary activity across the Institute, the University and beyond, in the area of environmental research and its cognate disciplines. Funding up to €10,000 is awarded to 2-4 multi-disciplinary teams per annum, supporting non-research costs for targeted projects that are topical, achievable and impactful. 

The 2021 call is now closed. We expect the 2022 call to reopen in Spring 2022.

Read some testimonials on the value of the scheme and insights on the application process from previous awardees.

Current Strategic Priority projects 

Our current Strategic Priority projects are led by Institute members and are addressing key environmental issues linked to our research themes:

  • UCD MRG: UCD Mountain Research Group (2021)
  • SHWEL: Sustainable Wellbeing: Humans, Environment and Liveability (2021)
  • SAPBio: Stakeholder Attitudes and Perceptions of Biostimulants and Biopesticides (2021)
  • Re-EcoNet: Reconstructing Ecological Networks to predict systemic crisis (2020)
  • Measuring Sustainable Actions at Community Level (Community SDG Dashboard) (2020)
  • Centre for Irish Towns (CfIT) (2019)
  • DIVERSICROP (2019)
  • HempHub (2019)
  • Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (CRAES) (2018)
  • ECOBROKER: co-producing knowledge between practitioners and researchers to address complex societal problems (2018)