Research Projects

The Cultural Value of Coastlines

Prof. John Brannigan, School of English, Drama and Film

Prof. Tasman Crowe, School of Biology and Environmental Science

Funded by Irish Research Council, New Horizons  

Project Description

The Cultural Value of Coastlines: Assessing the Cultural Influences and Impacts of Ecosystem Change on the Irish Sea Coasts was a two-year interdisciplinary research project funded by the Irish Research Council, 2016-2019, to investigate the cultural influences and impacts of ecosystem change on the Irish Sea coasts. The project team consisted of the two co-directors, Professor John Brannigan and Professor Tasman Crowe, and two postdoctoral fellows, Dr Frances Ryfield and Dr David Cabana Permuy. The project involved archival and field research in Dublin Bay, the Cumbria coast, and Strangford Lough, as well as knowledge exchange and engagement with coastal communities.

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