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Climate change education report

Published: Tuesday, 22 March, 2022

Dr Orla Kelly from the School of  Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice has been leading a Worldwide Universities Network project 'Education in a Warming World: A Collaborative Research Network on Education and Climate Change'.  The network aims to build a coalition of researchers’ working at the intersection of the climate crisis, and education, broadly defined. Members have a broad range of expertise in climate science, education, human health and well-being, policy, social science, science communication, and sustainability literacy as well as extensive geographic experience with coinvestigators participating from across the UK, Europe, Australia and Africa.

The consortium argue that higher education institutes have a critical role to play in driving the scientific, political, technological, and cultural change needed to avoid the worst-case climate change scenarios, and in advancing the societal adaptive capacities needed to meet the ongoing challenges posed by the ongoing environmental crises. The group have just published a report entitled Tertiary Education in a Warming World which is intended to be a resource to other academics and policymakers grappling with promoting a robust climate change and sustainability agenda within tertiary education. More details and read the report here