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New Members of Staff

New Members of Staff

Monthly paid employees are paid on the last banking day of each month and weekly paid employees are paid each Thursday. All employees are paid by credit transfer directly into recipients' bank accounts.

If you have worked in Ireland before and have a PPSN, UCD will automatically be sent a RPN (Revenue Payroll Notification) for you. If you have not worked in Ireland before please see below.

This is my First Employment here in Ireland

If this is your first employment here in Ireland it is importand that you follow the below steps below in order to ensure you are taxed correctly

Applying for a PPS No.

All UCD employees must provide a PPS number. Your Personal Public Service (PPS) number is a unique reference number that helps you access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland. If you don't have a PPS (Personal Public Service Number) you can apply for this at your local (opens in a new window)Social Welfare Office. They require certain documents and Proof of Identity to be brought to their offices before a PPS number can be issued.  Once you have your PPS No. you can log onto My Account to request a Certificate of tax credits from Revenue. 

If you are commencing employment in Ireland for the first time and have received your PPS No. you need to register for My Account with Revenue on (opens in a new window)Revenue My Account

(opens in a new window)How to register for My Account

• Click on Register for my Account
• Follow the instructions on screen

You will need the following details to register:

• PPS number
• Date of birth
• Mobile number or landline number
• Email address
• Home address

Revenue will match the details provided by you against details provided to them by the DSP. If all is in order they will issue a temporary password for My Account to you by post. This takes about five working days from the time you submit your registration request.

You will have to create a new password when you sign in to My Account for the first time. It is important to remember that the temporary password that they send you has an expiry date so you should sign in to My Account and create your new password as soon as you receive their letter. Otherwise you will have to register for My Account again.

If your details do not match with those on file from the DSP, we will contact you and you may be required to have your details with the DSP updated. When this has been done you will have to submit your registration application for My Account again.

1.  Your new job or Pension

Upon set up of your new pension payment, The payroll office will register your pension with Revenue. In order to ensure your tax credits are allocated as you would like, please log into your Revenue "My account" and go to Jobs and pensions. You will see the UCD pension set up and you can allocate credits and Standard rate cut off to the pension payment. A RPN(Revenue Payroll Notification) will be issued notifying both you and your employer of your tax credits and rate band. You will be able to view your RPN on PAYE Anytime (available within My Account) within two working days.

Once your employer has received this notification, they can make the correct income tax deductions from your pay.

2. What is a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN)?

A RPN is a certificate issued to you by Revenue outlining the tax credits you are currently claiming and your income tax rate band. It also shows your USC rates and thresholds.

Your employer will receive a separate notification showing the total amount of your tax credits and rate band. Your employers notification does not give a breakdown of the tax credits you have claimed only the total amount. The USC rates and thresholds are also shown on your employer's certificate.

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