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Understanding your Payslip

Understanding your Payslip


Main Pay:  This is your annual salary (detailed in the right hand corner of your payslip) divided by twelve.

Gross Pay for PAYE: This is your monthly salary reduced by payments for pension contributions, Life Asssurance, ASC, IPP, Travel Pass, Bike purchase and is the balance on which PAYE (income tax) is applied.

Deductions (This box on your payslip details all deductions from your gross salary)

Pension: Pension Contribution,(Spouse & Children(S&C) /Civil Partner Pension Contribution.

PAYE:  Income tax deducted during  month. It is calculated as follows: 20% of the Cut-off (Period) balance plus 40% of the difference between the Gross Pay for PAYE and the Cut Off (Period)  less the Tax Credit for the Period.

PRSI:  PRSI deducted during month.

USC:  Universal Social Charge deducted during month.

Annual Superannuation Charge (ASC): ASC deducted during month.

IPP (Income Protection Deduction)

Details (This box details the Annual Cut-Off point and Tax Credit provided by Revenue in relation to your employment in UCD. These determine the amount of income tax UCD must deduct from your salary.)

Pay Group:      Paygroup 1 =Monthly paid. Paygroup 2=Weekly paid

Annual Cut Off:  This is the income level , notified by Revenue to UCD, up to which you will pay tax at  the lower rate of income tax (20%).  All income earned above this balance is taxable at the higher rate of tax (40%).

Annual Tax Credit: This is the total value of tax credits  to which Revenue has advised UCD   you are entitled. Details of your tax credits can be obtained by logging into ROS.ie and registering with Revenue.

Annual Cut Off (Period:) This is the Annual Cut-off balance divided by twelve.

Tax credit (Period): This is the Annual Tax Credit divided by twelve

PRSI Class: This determines the amount of PRSI deducted from your gross salary.

PRSI Weeks: This is the number of weeks in the month for PRSI purposes

Tax Basis: This will be cumulative for most employees. Tax can be Cumulative, Month 1 or Emergency.

Emergency Tax Periods: For staff on Emergency Tax only

Cumulatives (Year to date): This section of your payslip details YTD earnings, tax paid and deductions.

Gross Earnings:   Total Pay earned year-to date

Pre-Tax Deductions: All deductions YTD reducing Total Pay to Gross Pay for PAYE purposes.

Taxable Pay: The year-to-date pay on which Income Tax (PAYE applies)

Cut Off: The balance which is taxable at the lower rate of tax (20%)

Tax Credit: Your year-to date tax credits confirmed by Revenue to UCD.

Tax:  The total amount of tax paid by you for the year-to-date.

Employee PRSI: Total PRSI deducted to date from Total Pay

Employer PRSI: PRSI paid by UCD in respect of your employment for the year-to-date.

PRSI weeks to date: The number of employment weeks for PRSI purposes.


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