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Guangzhou Dublin International College of Life Sciences & Technology (GDIC), founded in 2020, is a joint international college established in collaboration between University College Dublin (UCD) and South China Agricultural University (SCAU).

Located on the SCAU campus in the sprawling port city of Guangzhou (the “City of Flowers” in southern China and an important trade centre), GDIC provides a world-class international educational experience that equips its multilingual graduates with the talents to thrive in an increasingly globalised and connected society.

GDIC’s focus is on Life Science & Technology in the context of the agriculture and food science environments, and particularly the discipline areas of Biological Sciences, Food Quality & Safety, and Horticulture.

GDIC is one of three joint international colleges UCD operates in China. Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) focuses on information, communications and technology (ICT) and finance and economics. Chang’an-Dublin International College (CDIC) in Xi’an focuses on transportation engineering and related matters.


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