International opportunities

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School of Geography has strong relationships with a number of partner institutions globally through engagements in education, research and other activities. Through our visiting professor programme, we have current strong collaborations with University College London and Durham University. In all of our programmes, students are offered the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes with institutions across the globe through the Erasmus (within EU) and Erasmus+ (outside of EU) Programmes, Study Abroad and prestigious Universitas 21 global network programmes.

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Adam Fowler

Spent 3rd year at UBC, Vancouver in 2013/14

"Being at UBC Vancouver was an irreplicable and unforgettable experience, one I believe all students should go out and do. Academically it was of great benefit; as an exchange student I was open to choose any modules I was interested in, this allowed me the opportunity to experience new ways of learning and to take classes that would otherwise not have been available to me, including many simply not offered here at UCD. These modules included Introduction to GIS, Geography of Natural Hazards, Introduction to Remote Sensing and also more region specific modules such as Geography of the Pacific Rim. Going on exchange is the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in a new culture and society, and to feed your travel bug! Living in Vancouver I was within driving distance from world class skiing, great hiking trails and surf spots, and also amazing cities such as Victoria, Seattle and Portland". 


Opportunities for Masters Students

At the Masters level, all students can opt to undertake international fieldwork at a destination in Europe for five days. In the past, this field trip module has visited Iceland, Germany, Spain and Brussels. The trip integrates learning about research methods and knowledge of the place and country visited, including its history, economics, politics and geography.

Depending on their specific programme, Masters students also have the opportunity to undertake international fieldwork in the Global South (Vietnam, Brazil) supported by our partners at Hanoi University and Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Semester exchange opportunities with these Global South partner universities are also available.

Occasionally, and where agreed with the School, Masters students may conduct fieldwork abroad as part of their thesis.


Opportunities for PhD Students

Our PhD students have travelled to a range countries in the EU and around the globe for research - including Vietnam, Lebanon, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Turkey - depending on the focus of their thesis.

In consultation with staff members, it is also possible to arrange, when appropriate, visits to departments abroad when this assists students in carrying out their research. Our staff are very well-connected globally and use their range of connections to support the education, research and global engagement mission of the School.

Dr Zhao Zhang

China Scholarship Council scholar, 2010-2015

"Whenever I recall my life of pursuing my PhD degree overseas, I always feel that I made a wise decision by joining UCD Geography. As an international student, highly engaged supervision and embracive research environment have offered me the best opportunities to stay inspired and continue making progress on my research. In addition, I have benefited a lot from very supportive and well-extended global networks of UCD Geography, which enables me to present research findings at the prestigious conferences worldwide and lays a solid foundation for my future career development" 

Zhao Zhang