Summer 2022 - Short Courses - Drones - Data Processing, Visualization, and Modelling

9 - 10th of May: Interdisciplinary Research Symposium, Irish National Identity at Home and Abroad - Call for papers

28th April: Graduate Event with Programme Directors and Current Students - details to follow

7th April: Research Seminar - Prof Andy Pike, University of Newcastle. Topic: ‘Left behind places’: a geographical etymology.

31st March: Research Seminar - Dr Xavier Monteys, GSI Coastal and Marine Unit. Topic: Monitoring Coastal Change: Geological Survey Ireland

3rd of March: Research Seminar - Prof Samuel Stein, Community Service Society of New York. Topic: From Corporate Subsidies to Social Housing: Dispatches from the New York Housing Movement

1st of March: Geography Alumni Career Panel with UCD Geog Soc

1st of March: UCD Virtual Postgraduate Open Day, we'll be available online and we'll have a talk at 12.30pm

15th of February: UCD Graduate Open Day, we'll be at the Geography booth from 1pm.

3rd of February: Research Seminar - Gavin Brown, Sheffield University. Topic: Coming out in solidarity: the Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy as a space of support and experimentation for queer youth


June 2022 - PhD Scholarship HydroSED June 2022

June 2022 - School Newsletter - Vol 5 Issue 3

May 2022 - Photos from GEOG20210 Fieldstudies in Ireland

May 2022 - INFOMAR modules for Autumn 2022

April 2022 - UCD School of Geography ranked in the top 100 Geography Departments Globally and first in Ireland for 2022

March 2022 - Roles available with the Coastal Uplands: Heritage and Tourism ProjectDecember 2021 - School Newsletter - Vol 5 Issue 2

December 2021 - PhD Opportunity with Assoc Prof Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo

December 2021 - Teagasc PhD Walsh Scholarship Opportunity

November 2021 - PhD Scholarship Flyer January 2022

November 2021 - PhD Opportunity with Beyond Opposition Project

October 2021 - School Newsletter - Vol 5 Issue 1

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