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6th October, 2022 - Research Seminar: Solange Muñoz, Migration and Motherhood as Infrastructures of Care

27th October, 2022 - Research Seminar: Kris Clarke, Queer Love and Solidarity in the Valley: A People’s History of HIV/AIDS in Fresno, California

10th November, 2022 - Research Seminar: Jennie Stevens, Diversifying Power: Why We Need Antiracist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy.

12th November, 2022 - UCD Open Day

17th November, 2022 -  Research Seminar: Alejandro Lara, Designing cities and resilient communities from a systemic risk management approach

22nd November, 2022 - Social Sciences Open Evening

1st December, 2022 - Research Seminar:Loretta Lees, Defensible Space on the Move: Mobilisation in English Housing Policy and Practice

2nd February, 2023 - Research Seminar: Prof Samuel Adewale Adelabu, Earth Observation tools for monitoring water resource use in Sub-Sahara Africa: Past, Present and Future

23rd February, 2023 - Research Seminar: Dr Tamara Krawchenko, How can we manage a just transition?

2nd of March, 2023 - Research Seminar: Mr Richard Lee, Real Solutions of Climate Change - by Law

27th of March, 2023 - Graduate Webinar with current Masters studens. 

29th of March, 2023 - Research Seminar: Assoc Prof Ifeoluwa Adebowale Balogun, WASCAL and the development of Climate Change Research in West Africa

3rd of April, 2023 - Research Seminar: Prof Dan Immergluck, Red Hot City Housing, Race, and Exclusion in Twenty-First-Century Atlanta

13th of April - Research Seminar: Prof Sarah Hall, Uchronic futures: feeling out-of-time and out-of-place in the everyday life of austerity

13th of April, 2023 - Graduate Q&A Session with Masters Programme Directors


June 2023 - New Post-doctoral Research Fellow position available

May 2023 - UCD School of Geography Newsletter - Vol 6 Issue 3

March 2023 - A fully funded PhD is available with Dr Geoff Boyce and will be looking at critical border studies, migration deterrence and international policy transfer. More information available here.

February 2023 - Madison Moore was awarded the inaugural Anne Buttimer Medal for here accomplishments in her undergraduate studies. She achieved the highest award GPA out of all our 2021-22 final year undergraduate geography students.  

February 2023 - Dr Colman Gallagher Kieran Cuddihy on NewsTalks' the Hard Shoulder to discuss what causes the aurora borealis which appeared in Ireland. The episode is available online.

January 2023 -  The ‘SYNERGI’ (Socially Inclusive Edible Urban Green Infrastructure) project which supports food security by creating an ‘edible urban green infrastructure’ in Mozambique was launched there by Irish Ambassador Patrick Empey.

January 2023 - The School is delighted to welcme Asst Prof Geoff Boyce who joined us this month as an Ad Astra Fellow. He'll be module coordinating GEOG20210 Fieldstudies in Ireland this trimester. You can read more about him and his research interest at the link provided. 

January 2023 - The 'Empowering Community-led Green Urban Development' project is a runner in UCD's Research Impact Competition

December 2022 - UCD School of Geography Newsletter - Vol 6 Issue 2

October 2022 - RESIST: Limits on gendered freedoms and sexual equality examined under UCD led €4m Horizon Europe project

October 2022 - Fully Funded 4-year PhD Position in Critical Quantitative Research and Urban Studies

October 2022 - UCD School of Geography Newsletter - Vol 6 Issue 1

September 2022 - UCD School of Geography is saddened to hear of the death of Margaret Synge, who worked in the School through the 1970s and later in Maynooth, and was so influential in supporting many of our students at the time. May she rest in peace. You can see a lovely tribute to her from her colleague Arnold Horner here.

September 2022 - The School is delighted to welcome two new staff members who joined us this month. Prof Rosana Pinheiro-Machado and Asst Prof Jeremy Auerbach are welcome additions to the teaching staff here in the School. You can read more about them and their research interests at the links provided. 

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