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Summer 2022 - 

9 - 10th of May: Interdisciplinary Research Symposium, Irish National Identity at Home and Abroad - Call for papers

28th April: Graduate Event with Programme Directors and Current Students - details to follow

7th April: Research Seminar - Prof Andy Pike, University of Newcastle. Topic: ‘Left behind places’: a geographical etymology.

31st March: Research Seminar - Dr Xavier Monteys, GSI Coastal and Marine Unit. Topic: Monitoring Coastal Change: Geological Survey Ireland

3rd of March: Research Seminar - Prof Samuel Stein, Community Service Society of New York. Topic: From Corporate Subsidies to Social Housing: Dispatches from the New York Housing Movement

1st of March: (opens in a new window)Geography Alumni Career Panel with UCD Geog Soc

1st of March: (opens in a new window)UCD Virtual Postgraduate Open Day, we'll be available online and we'll have a talk at 12.30pm

15th of February: UCD Graduate Open Day, we'll be at the Geography booth from 1pm.

3rd of February: Research Seminar - Gavin Brown, Sheffield University. Topic: Coming out in solidarity: the Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy as a space of support and experimentation for queer youth

2nd of December: Research Seminar - Dr Jochem Verrelst, University of Valencia, Spain. Topic: Leaf and canopy radiative transfer (RTM) models and machine learning mapping

18th of November: Research Seminar - Prof Teresa Dillion, UWE Bristol. Topic: Care to Repair? Fostering Repair Cultures and Mindsets in Ireland

13th of November: (opens in a new window)UCD Open Day, we'll be at the booth all day and have a subject talk scheduled for 13.30.

4th of November: Research Seminar - Dr Nicola Dempsey, Sheffield University, UK. Topic: Urban greening in Sheffield: learning from good (and not-so-good) practice

21st of October: Research Seminar - Dr Francis Butcher, Sheffield University, UK. Topic: Recent Glaciation on Mars: Stubbornly Cold-Based or Reluctantly Wet-Based?

7th of October: Research Seminar - Dr Ted McCormack, Geological Survey Ireland. Topic: Groundwater, Remote Sensing and Risk


2 April 2020: Associate Professor Louise Slater will give a research seminar in E003 at 1 pm

5 March 2020: Mairéad de Róiste is giving a seminar at 1 pm in E003 on Commuting and Residential Decisions in the Greater Wellington Region.

2 March 2020: The PhD Symposium is taking place from 9.30 - 12.30 in E003 with refreshments.

25 February 2020: The Brown Bag GIS Seminar is taking place in E003 at 1 pm - Bring your own lunch with you!

19 February 2020: UCD Geography Masters Information Event - Open Evening takes place on 19th February - Sign up (opens in a new window)here


30 April 2019: Brown Bag GIS Seminar  - Lunchtime seminar and discussion around interdisciplinary use of GIS. 

23-24 April 2019: Seminars and activities - LGBTQ+ Week UCD, all are welcome. 

1 April 2019 (3:30-4:30 pm): Seminar - New Economic Spaces of Metropolis. Is Business Becoming Bipolar?

5 March 2019: Research Seminar on Shaping our Future: Using GIS as a Tool for Research and Teaching.

23 October 2018: Research Seminar - Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - How it can be effective in supporting sustainable development

4 October 2018: Research seminar: Decline of the UK coalfields and the road to Brexit


9-16 August 2015: IGU Urban Commission Conference