Thesis in3

Thesis in3


What is ThesisIn3?

All UCD Stage 2 PhD Students were invited to submit an entry and share their research with the UCD community. Research students are challenged to present their research in three minutes, using only one slide, to a non-specialist audience. Entrants must distil their niche subjects and intensive research into bite-sized presentations that will inform and entertain the general public.

What Does Winning Mean?

The winner of ThesisIn3 will go on to represent UCD in the Universitas21 Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®), where they will compete with researchers from all over the globe. The winner will also receive a 250 € One-For-All voucher and the two Runners-Up will each receive a 100€ One-For-All voucher and serve as ambassadors for UCD research, with recordings of their presentations on the Graduate Studies website.

ThesisIn3 2020 Winners

  • Winner 2020 ThesisIn3: Tom Hall

  • Runners Up 2020: Ciara Hayes & George Vathakkattil Joseph


Well done to all eight finalists, competition was tough and all entries were worthy finalists. Graduate Studies thanks all for participating and for such interesting, engaging presentations. Videos below.

SU Categories Winners: ThesisIn3 2020

  • Catchiest Title – 'T.B or not T.B, can networks answer the question?' Thomas Hall
  • Best relatable example/Analogy – 'Clamping down on cancer one drug at a time' - Lorna Conway
  • Best image – 'In-Sync: Learning to compute from fireflies' – George Vathakkattil
  • Best at making me care about something that I wasn’t interested in before – 'The drone effect' - Gianluca Fontanesi

Universitas 21 3MT Competition

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Tom represented UCD at the global U21 3MT® Competition and was a very worthy finalist. 

Congratulations to the overall U21 2020 competition winner, Ciaran McGeady from the University of Glasgow with his presentation ‘Listening to Butterflies with Brainwaves'. The People’s Choice Vote is awarded to Luis Guillermo Hernandez Rojas from Tecnológico de Monterrey for his presentation on ‘Decoding of motor information from brain signals’. This year’s Highly Commended prize was awarded to Bruno Vicari Stefani from the Faculty of Engineering at University of New South Wales, Sydney. His presentationwas:  ‘Low-cost solar energy with low-cost materials: A tale of three grown up pigs’ 


2020 UCD ThesisIn3 Winner

Tom Hall from the School of Agriculture and Food Science with 'TB or not TB; Can networks answer the question?'

 2020 Runners-Up

George Vathakkattil Joseph of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering with 'In-Sync: Learning to compute from fireflies'


Ciara Hayes of the School of Veterinary Medicine with 'Milking It! Growing Irish dairy cows to increase their production potential'


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