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Last Updated 4th August 2021

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  • Dignity & RespectUpdated 16 November 2020

    University College Dublin is committed to the promotion of an environment for work and study which upholds the dignity and respect of the individual and which supports every individual’s right to study and/or work in an environment which is free of any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying.

  • Inter-Institutional Co-Supervisory Agreement TemplateUpdated 16 November 2020

    An inter-institutional co-supervisory agreement is drawn up between University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin (‘UCD’) and the collaborating International Higher Education Institution on behalf of a named research student to enable their registration to a joint degree with that institution.

  • Inter-Institutional Co-Supervisory Agreements PolicyUpdated 16 November 2020

    Last Updated 25 April 2019 - This policy will guide students, faculty and staff in the establishment of an InterInstitutional Co-Supervisory Agreement. The co-supervisory agreement describes the rules and procedures to which a student will have their registration, supervision and award of a degree with UCD and another higher education institution (HEI). In some instances, the partnership may extend to include another party such as industry partner, government agency or NGO.

  • Inter-Institutional Co-Supervisory Proposal FormUpdated 16 November 2020

    This form is to be completed by the UCD faculty member who wishes to propose an inter-institutional co-supervision/Cotutelle agreement between UCD and a partner institution for one PhD student.

  • Leave of Absence PolicyUpdated 16 November 2020

    Last Updated 21 May 2019 - The purpose of the Leave of Absence Academic Policy is to facilitate Governing Boards to support students who may require a leave of absence from their programme in order that they may return to complete their programme.

  • Leave of Absence Request - Online ProcessUpdated 16 November 2020

    A Leave of Absence is an extended period of time away from a programme of study, at the request of the student, and approved by the relevant Governing Board. Since August 2016, standard Leave of Absence applications can be made by students via their SISWeb account and these applications are managed by the appropriate College/School Office via Infohub.