1919 in Global Context Workshop

As a follow-on event to Dr Hassett's book launch in Marsh's Library on 21st November, UCD History is delighted to announce that it will be holding a workshop entitled 1919 in Global Context on Friday 22nd November at Marsh's Library, Dublin 8 from 10:30am to 5pm.

To register please follow this link to Eventbrite: bit.ly/1919Global


Workshop Schedule


Conference registration and coffee



Welcome and introduction

Hussein Omar & Jennifer Wellington



From war to peace?

Jennifer Wellington, ‘Remobilising for peace in the British Dominions’

Susan Grayzel, ‘Women and violence in the postwar moment’

Mark Jones, ‘Making the atrocities go away: foundation violence and the Weimar Republic’

Chair: John Horne


12:00-12:15 - break



Reordering the world: radical perspectives on the new world order

Hussein Omar, ‘Conscript and Sacrifice: the political theology of 1919’

Sarah Dunstan, ‘“Nationalists of Wilsonian Kind”: State Sovereignty, International Law and the Disenchantment of Self-Determination.’

Chair: Robert Gerwarth


13:15-14:00 – Lunch



Global revolt and the search for solidarity

Stephan Fender, ‘Radical Labour Politics in the Mexican Revolution’

Conor Mulvagh, ‘Establishing legitimacy at home and abroad: Sinn Féin and the Irish counter-state in 1919'

Dónal Hassett, ‘Strikes, Socialists and Settlers: The Limits of Class Politics in Colonial Algeria’s Postwar Moment’

Chair: Jennifer Keating


15:15-15:30 – Coffee



Faith, culture, and revolution: ideas in flux

Adrian Gregory, ‘Religious ideas in 1919’

Elisabeth Forster, ‘1919 – the year that changed China’

Jenny Bond, ‘“Our Responsibility”: Missionary school girls and the May Fourth Movement in Shanghai, 1917-1929’

Chair: Fionnuala Walsh



Closing remarks

Jennifer Wellington