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Undergraduate Modules 2023-2024

The School of History at UCD is the leading centre for historical research in Ireland. Studying History with us provides you with the skills necessary to understand the world we live in. You will explore the past, examining a wide range of periods and topics spanning many parts of the globe. You will study controversies and the different ways that the past can be understood. And you will learn how to research, use evidence, think critically, and develop the transferable skills desired by employers.

The History programme is aimed at anyone who has an interest in history, and no prior qualification in the discipline is required. What we do expect is that students approach the subject in an inquisitive and critical way, and are prepared to consider the history of our shared past from a variety of perspectives.

The syllabus takes in Irish, European and global history from the early middle ages to the late twentieth century. Our modules offer rich chronological, thematic and geographical diversity: you will examine major historical transformations across a wide range of themes, including politics, society, gender and sexuality, economy, ideas, culture, medicine, environment, race, religion, sport and war. You will learn about people - the worlds they lived in, how they made sense of those worlds, and how they sought to adapt to and change them.

Students learn through a combination of lectures, seminars and independent study, working with leading international scholars and interacting with their peers. Our objective is not just to teach you what happened in the past, but to encourage you to learn actively, to pose your own questions, and to develop your own answers based on critical evaluation and analysis of evidence. Assessing information is critical in today’s world, from being an informed citizen to embarking on a range of careers. Whatever path you choose to follow, your study of History here at UCD provides you with these key skills.

First Year (Level 1) modules: 

Our first year modules introduce you to the study of history via wide-ranging survey modules that offer an introduction to a broad sweep of Irish, European and global history.

Second Year (Level 2) modules:

Begin to specialise in the areas of history that interest you most, while developing the skills practiced at level 1.

Third Year and Fourth Year (Level 3) modules: 

Deepen, refine and expand your knowledge as you choose from an extensive selection of small-group seminars that offer in-depth study of your chosen area.

For more information on under graduate modules offered by the School, please follow this link:

Undergraduate Modules 2023-2024