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PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates


Marion Bartl

Thesis Title:
Fair NLP: Mitigating bias and discrimination in datasets and machine learning models for natural language processing.

Dr Susan Leavy


Justin Edwards (he/him)

Thesis Title: Designing interruptions for proactive speech agents.

Email: justin.edwards@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor(s)Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan (and Prof Julie Berndsen (second supervisor)

    Orla Cooney (she/her)

Thesis Title: Designing Speech Agents to Support Mental Health Practice.

Email: orla.cooney@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan, Dr. Gavin Doherty (TCD)

Faye Carrie (they/them)

Thesis Title: An Examination of how the Information Behaviour of Non-Binary and Genderqueer People shapes their Lived Experience.

Email: david.carrie@ucdconnect.ie 
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Crystal Fulton and Dr. Claire McGuinness


Megan Fahy
Thesis Title:
Fostering Digital Social Capital through Design for Wellbeing.

Dr Marguerite Barry


Jean Itangayenda

Thesis Title: Peer-to-peer financial transactions in Rwanda.

Email: jean.itangayenda@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Professor Kalpana Shankar

    Christo Jacob

Thesis Title: Exploring Digital Colonialism and the Crisis of LGBTQ Political Representation in South India.

Email: christo.jacob@ucdconnect.ie
SupervisorDr Páraic Kerrigan
    Jason Kalathas

Thesis Title: How Emerging Technologies Are Conceived and Understood Across Society.

Email: Jason.kalathas@ucdconnect.ie
SupervisorProfessor Eugenia Siapera

Xinna Li (She/her)

Thesis Title: Social Media, Information Types and Sources, and the Public Perception and Response to COVID-19 in China.
Email: xinna.li@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Professor Eugenia Siapera
    Xiaoyi Liu

Thesis Title:
Formulate Research Topic: Social Media and Misogyny: Online Hate Discourse Against Women in China.

Professor Eugenia Siapera
Loise Macharia (She/Her)

Thesis Title:
Constructive News & Conflict: A case Study of Kenya’s War on Terror 2010-2020.

Dr Marguerite Barry
    Naoise McNally

Thesis Title: Auditing Facebook Algorithms: A Longitudinal Study of the Algorithmic Rating of News.

Email: naoise.mcnally@ucdconnect.ie
SupervisorDr Susan Leavy and Dr Marco Bastos
    Ana Moritz

Thesis Title: Repertoires of Resistance against Big Tech in Brazil.

Email: ana.moritz@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Professor Kalpana Shankar

Marie O’Neill

Thesis Title:
The Visible Library Publisher: The Strategic Positioning of Academic Library Publishing in the Irish Scholarly Communications Landscape.

Dr Lai Ma


Giulia Osti (she/her)

Thesis Title: Customising AI for Digital Curation Work that Utilises Controlled Vocabularies

Email: giulia.osti@ucdconnect.ie

Supervisors: Dr Amber Cushing, UCD and Assoc Prof Suzanne Little (DCU) 


Paola Peña (Peña) (she/her)

Thesis title: The division of labour in human-machine communication: Exploring the allocation of perspective-taking resources.

Email: paola.pena@ucdconnect.ie
SupervisorsAssoc Prof Benjamin Cowan and Dr. Rachel McDonnell 

    Aoife Quinn Hegarty

Thesis Title: Modalities of Representation of Irish Feminist Movements in Irish Media 1960 – 2019: Media Activism, Production Culture and Feminist Organising.

Email: aoife.quinnhegarty@ucdconnect.ie
SupervisorProfessor Eugenia Siapera and Dr Páraic Kerrigan
    Jacka Rhys

Thesis Title: Perspective Taking in Multiparty Human-Machine Dialogue.

Email: jacka.rhys@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan
    Marin Schmalzried

Thesis Title: Imagining and Designing the Metaverse.

Email: marin.schmalzried@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Professor Eugenia Siapera
    Daniel Snow

Thesis Title:
Data Aware Design: A framework for understanding human-data interaction in HCI and AI.

Dr Marguerite Barry
    Otavio Vinhas (he/him; they/them)

Thesis Title: When fact-checking is not WEIRD: Social platforms and the governance of fact-checking beyond the West.

Email: otavio.vinhas@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr. Marco Bastos 

Yunhan Wu

Thesis Title: Second language speakers’ interactions with speech interfaces.

Email: Yunhan.wu@ucdconnect.ie

Supervisor(s)Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan

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