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PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates

Justin Edwards (he/him)

Research Interests: Human-computer interaction, interruptions, multitasking, speech interfaces, proactive agents
Thesis Title: Understanding Spoken Interruptions to Inform Design of Proactive Speech Agents

Email: justin.edwards@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan (primary supervisor) and Prof. Julie Berndsen (second supervisor)
  Orla Cooney (she/her)

Research interests: Human Computer Interaction, Conversational User Interfaces, Digital Mental Health
Thesis Title: Designing Speech Agents to Support Mood Logging

Email: orla.cooney@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan, Dr. Gavin Doherty (TCD)

David Carrie (they/them)

Research interests: include information behaviour, information literacy, gender identity, equity in library service provision and exploring the diverse lived experiences of those within the LGBTQIA+ community.
Thesis Title: The role of information in the formation of gender identity for non-binary and genderqueer people

Email: david.carrie@ucdconnect.ie 
Supervisor(s): Dr. Crystal Fulton and Dr. Claire McGuinness


Loise Macharia (She/Her)

Research Interests: Journalism Practice; Media studies; Political Conflict; Democratic systems; Governance
Thesis Title: Constructive News & Conflict:” A study of Media Coverage and Terrorism in Kenya 2020-2022

Email: loise.macharia@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Marguerite Barry


Xinna Li (She/her)

Research Interests: Health Communication, Science Communication, Social Media
Thesis TitleSocial Media, Information Types and Sources, and the Public Perception and Response to COVID-19 in China
Supervisor: Professor Eugenia Siapera
  Andrea Muzzarelli

Research Interests: practice-based approaches to information, informational issues applied to sustainability transition studies, information societies, communities of practice, social sustainability.
Thesis Title: Education for Sustainability through Communities of Practice: Information, Meaning, Identity, and the building of a “Learning Alliance” in the Irish Ecovillage of Cloughjordan.

E-mail: andrea.muzzarelli@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Lai Ma

Giulia Osti (she/her)

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence for GLAMs, Computer Vision, Digital Curation, Heritage Studies, Knowledge Organisation, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Mixed Research Methods, Data Science.
Thesis Title: Customising AI for Digital Curation Work that Utilises Controlled Vocabularies

Email: giulia.osti@ucdconnect.ie

Supervisors: Dr Amber Cushing, UCD and Assoc Prof Suzanne Little (DCU) 


Paola Peña (Peña) (she/her)

Research interests: My research focuses on the communicative mechanisms that people and machines employ during speech interactions and how these can promote more natural conversations.
Thesis title: The division of labour in human-machine communication: Exploring the allocation of perspective-taking resources.

Email: paola.pena@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Benjamin Cowan and Dr. Rachel McDonnell 

  Otavio Vinhas (he/him; they/them)
Research Interests: Misinformation, Fact-checking, Social Media, Dewesternization
Thesis Title: When Fact-checking is not WEIRD: Challenges in fact-checking beyond the Western World

Email: otavio.vinhas@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr. Marco Bastos 

Yunhan Wu

Research Interests: My area of interest is the non-native (L2) speakers’ language production & generation pattern, and the partner model in human-machine dialogue, especially focused on Mandarin Chinese speakers. This mainly focuses on how non-native speakers generate their non-native language when they interact with a speech agent and if there is any difference between L2 human-human interaction.
Thesis Title: L2 speaker language production in human-machine dialogue interaction.

Email: Yunhan.wu@ucdconnect.ie

Supervisor(s): Assoc. Prof Benjamin Cowan 

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