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UCD IT Services provide an IT equipment hosting service in the Research IT Data Centre to the UCD community and where appropriate to related research groups. The centre was developed with UCD central funds.

UCD Data Centre Terms and Conditions (11 June 2018)

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The Data Centre was opened in October 2006. It is a state of the art High Density Hosting Facility which provides efficient power, cooling and environmental management for both the University and Research Communities IT needs.

The facility uses the APC ‘hot-aisle containment systems’, provides UPS protection, backup diesel generator power, and utilises a chilled water system with ‘free’ cooling to optimise the cooling with respect to the atmospheric temperature.


  • Built in 2006, the facility provides a secure redundant network with rigorous physical security.
  • The purpose built data centre covers 160m2, and 500kW capacity.
  • The facility was designed on an n+1 principle with full generator and UPS back-up.

Physical Space

  • 160m2 floor space supporting 51 IT racks


  • 4x 80kW UPS units
  • Dual power feeds to all racks, through dual redundant UPS units
    • Optimsed power distribution through the use of highly efficient transformer and UPS units
    • 800kVA Standby Generator capable of delivering 640kW, with automatic transfer switching, and 36hours runtime autonomy


  • 11x 40kW AC units, in a redundant configuration
  • 3x 205kW Chiller units
  • 1x 160kW Dry (Free) Cooling


  • Full gigabit Ethernet connectivity to each server
  • 10G connectivity to the core backbone network, and directly onto the Internet / external networks

IT Rack Density

  • Supports up to 25kW per rack

Physical Security

  • Physical on site security
  • CCTV monitoring on perimeter and all internal sensitive areas.
  • Proximity cards on all internal doors with bio metric control into technically sensitive areas.
  • All access is electronically logged
  • Intrusion detection system on doors and break glass detection on windows

Environment & Fire Protection

  • Temp maintained at 21'c +/-3'c
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • FM200 gas suppression, with analogue addressable system to provide exact location

Technical Support

  • Research IT provide local / onsite technical support to hosting customers
  • Self Service - remote control power management and out-of-band console access

University Benefits

Centralised facility provides

  • Most cost effective method to provide high density server & blade hosting
  • Efficiencies of Scale
  • Managing Electrical Power Consumption


Facility Efficiency

Hot-Aisle Containment System (HACS) is advancement on the traditional cold aisle / hot aisle separation technique that is used in traditional data centres. Hot Aisle Containment System uses containment of the hot exhaust air from the IT load to ensure complete separation of the supply and return air paths.

The coupling of cooling allows for returning the hottest possible air to the in-row air cooling units, which increases their efficiency and the capacity of the overall system. It also allows for the cold aisle supply temperature to be increased which further reduces the cooling demand.

The return water that has been heated by the AC units to absorb the load is passed through an Free Cooler which dissipates as much heat energy as possible naturally before the water is passed onto the chiller Units, further chilled as required, and then pumped back around in a loop circuit to the facility again.

The APC HACS system together with free cooling means the system is optimised for the efficient use of energy, and is as Green as possible.

The PUE (Power usage effectiveness) and DCiE (Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency) of the facility are constantly monitored and managed to ensure maximum efficiency is being achieved. Annualised PUE for Research Data Centre is sub 1.40

For more information or to arrange a tour of the facility, please contact us


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