Research Computing

Research IT provides High Performance Computing through our Sonic HPC, we also have other computational resources like our Matlab cluster and access to ICHEC National and Condominium Services. The HPC environment is ideal for researchers who need access to substantial computing resources, allowing them to greatly reduce the time required to perform large scale calculations.

We have just launched our "Getting Started on Sonic" course on Brightspace. This is a video led presentation suitable for all researchers who have large computational requirements.  This series of videos  which take about an hour gives a brief overview of what HPC (High Performance Computing) is, how to access the UCD Campus cluster Sonic and some step by step tutorials on submitting jobs, transferring data and accessing GPU's (Graphics Processing Units) on Sonic. The course is available through Brightspace and bookable through UCD Booking Centre 

Book here (please be logged into UCD Connect)


How should I acknowledge use of the ResearchIT HPC cluster? 

For use in academic publications we suggest the following line;

 "We acknowledge the Research IT HPC Service at University College Dublin for providing computational facilities and support that contributed to the research results reported in this paper."


Sonic HPC

Sonic HPC is a High Performance Computing cluster for use by the UCD research community.

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Details on our small Matlab cluster.

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The Irish Centre for High End Computing provides a range of Academic Services for High Performance Computing.

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RStudio Pro Server

The RStudio Pro Server is currently a PILOT service which can be used by members of the UCD Research Community.

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