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Chiba University - University of Montreal – UCD joint project on ‘Caring Communities’ officially launched with Public Seminar in Canada

November 2022

Research workshops & public seminar “Community engagement with seniors: a cross-section perspective on Japanese and Canadian models”/ “Engagement communautaire avec les aînés: regard croisé sur les modèles japonais et canadien” were held in Montréal, Canada (31 October – 3 November, 2022).

This visit was part of a larger research project entitled “Adapting the Caring Community Concept to Japanese Practice: A Comparison of Case Studies of Activities in Canada and Japan”, funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) (PI: Prof. Mina Ishimaru, Chiba University). The lead researchers in Canada are Associate Professor Antoine Boivin (Department of family medicine, Université de Montréal, Chair, Canada Research Chair in Patient and Community Partnership (CRCHUM)) and Mme. Ghislaine Rouly (Patient Partner, CRCHUM).

On 2 November, Public Seminar was held at the CRCHUM, and Assoc. Prof. Kodate (Director, UCD Centre for Japanese Studies) gave a talk entitled “和(wa)-style Caring Community in Higashi-Chiba, Japan: In search of a community model which enables ‘living the life we/elder people wish to live’”, together with Ms Sanae Murai (Higashi-Chiba Wa-Wa-Wa no Kai, Chiba, Japan) and the project leader, Prof. Mina Ishimaru.

The research teams in Japan, Canada and Ireland have been regularly meeting on Zoom since November 2020, and finally the in-person meetings/workshops and the public seminar became possible this year.