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Edited book “Global Social Welfare”, Vol. 1 (UK/Ireland) published

Edited book “Global Social Welfare”, Vol. 1 (UK/Ireland) published

Autumn 2019

Five academics in the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice contributed to the edited book “Global Social Welfare” (Sekai no Shakai Fukushi/新·世界の社会福祉), published by Junpōsha Ltd. in Japan.

Profs. Jim Campbell and Michelle Norris, Assoc. Prof. Naonori Kodate and Assist. Profs. Sarah Donnelly and Elaine Wilson wrote the entire section (8 chapters) on Ireland in Volume 1, while Dr Kodate edited the volume with Prof. Koichi Kaneko (Social Welfare, Toyo University). Dr Kodate also translated the chapters from English to Japanese for this Volume. In total, there are 12 volumes (including 4 on Western Europe, 3 on Asia, Russia & Eastern Europe, USA & Canada, Latin America, Africa and International Organisations).

Junpōsha was founded in 1949 (Headquarter in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan), and is a highly regarded publisher, particularly in the areas of legal studies (labour law) and social welfare. Ireland had never been included in this 12-volume Handbook on Social Welfare, till now ((opens in a new window)https://gsw.junposha.com/). The copies are distributed and read widely in universities and public libraries across the country.